Electronic Point Of Sale (EPOS) Till & Stock Controlling System 



Subscribe,  add   your images, videos,   text, ebooks etc. set the prices and off you go.


You can even use our EPOS from as little as £0.014 per £1 spent on a  "pay as you go" basis if you want, it really is as simple as that.


Your clients can book, buy, hire your products, services, facilities and or your  equipment from you within seconds  from their desktop, tablet or smartphone or even their social media accounts all through the  simple click of a button.


You can offer referral rewards, points rewards, affiliate discounts or send flash sales all in order to increase your client numbers and build those long lasting relationships with your clients.


With our software, you can sell everything from your  time   to your shoes to your house and it also manages your employed staff, self-employed, for hire, for sale, share and even rental agreements and a whole lot more, all  with tremendous simplicity and ease.

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The Game Changing Way To
Manage Your Salon

World Class Support


We've created our software highly intuitive so that you don't need extensive training on how to set it up or use it but should you need support, then we are here to setup your entire system perfectly for your business or you also can simply hire our support staff from only £29 per hour to assist when needed.

Business Intelligence


Know exactly what is happening within your business on everything from, which staff and or clients are great for your business or see exactly how  much profit  you   are  actually making from each of your staff, clients, products and or services, literally up to the second and all with the simple click of a button.


It just takes 1 simple click to find out, which times and or days you do  your best or least business  or see which of your products and or services you need to get off the shelves quickly.


The intelligence provided by our EPOS software has been specifically designed to help you optimise your business so that you reduce your costs, increase your profits, identify your great staff and clients and to grow your business  every day.


Put an end to guessing in business, make excellent fact based decisions that grow your business guaranteed.

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Stock Controlling


Our Epos Software will take care of all your stock control needs, from alerting you when your stock is low so that you never miss a sale to automatically adding your low stocked items to your new stock order list, ready for you to check, edit and or confirm to click and send  it off directly to your suppliers.


Our Epos Software will also enable you to set numerous promotions and discounts on single items  or  all of your stock itmes in one single click so whatever your needs, our EPOS will do it all for you and with  great simplicty and ease.

Easy To Use Point Of Sale (POS) Epos System


Our easy to use Point Of Sale (POS) Epos System will manage your money, your stock and your entire promotions like child's play for you. So whether it's for your financial records, holding your clients money on accounts for future spends or managing the distribution of your money to your employed or self-employed staff or promoting your business through affilliate, promotional, points and or referral offers, our system will do it all for you and it will do it with tremendously great ease.

Stock Control (POS) Epos System


No matter how many products you sell, our Point Of Sale (POS) Epos System will always keep you up to the second informed of your stock levels be that online, off-line or a combination of both just to make sure that you will never miss a sale due to isssues like depleted stock levels or because of non-popular items just wasting away on a shelf and with 1 simple click, our system will also allow you to immediately place any or all of your stock immediately on offer ready for your clients to instantly buy from you.