Manage All Of Your Social Media Accounts With 1 Click Automation

Easy To Use And Free


View all of your social media feeds in one place so you don't need to login and logout of multiple accounts.


Send all of your posts and reply to your social media messages again all from our social media software.


Create your post catagories like news, info and or offers, create your posts for each group, and then simply set the times of each day that you want our system to automatically post your posts out for you and off you go.

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The Game Changing Way To

Manage Your Salon


World Class Support


We've created our software highly intuitive so that you don't need extensive training on how to set it up or use it but should you need support, then we are here to setup your entire system perfectly for your business or you also can simply hire our support staff from only £29 per hour to assist when needed.

Social Media Marketing


Creating great relationships with your audience is key to driving traffic to your website. Regular updating and interaction in your Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts will help you  build your brand and establish you as an expert in your field, so when they do need to buy products and or services similar to yours, your chances of doing business will be far greater.

Online Reputation Marketing


Your business's reputation is now largely dictated by Social Media, which makes our Social Media Management Tool an essential part of your business operations. When combined with our Online Testimonial widget, you can instantly post up your 5 Star reviews to all your social media accounts with one click, and if your clients have chosen to be able to be contacted,  it provides authenticity to your website visitors.

Don't Spend Hours On Creating Content


Salon Pro Software’s Social Media Manager allows you create a categorized content library and arrange your posts into categories such as “Mondaymotivation” or “Fridayfeeling” and automatically post up your content to various social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.


Easily schedule and publish from each category at your designated time means that you save hours each day logging into each different social media platforms and our auto post feature also includes a “recycling” feature which means that you never have to refill your queue as your posts will never run out, just simply keeping adding to you queue means you will quickly build a library full of great and relevant posts to help bring more traffic your way.


It also means that you don’t need to constantly create new content but instead concentrate on getting more sales in.

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